Feed The Homeless

Sikhcess serves thousands of freshly prepared, delicious, and healthy food packages to the needy in cities across the world.  Each city is responsible for creating and serving a vegetarian menu that fits their community’s unique needs.

Project Description:

This effort starts with volunteers arriving early in the morning to cook individualized meals.   Throughout the day, volunteers help package the tasty and nutritious meals by assembling them into food packages.  Packages contain healthy, freshly prepared vegetarian entrees, bottles of water or boxes of fruit juice, granola bars, and other desserts.  Once ready, these packages are distributed to the needy on streets and in shelters.

Every month, the homeless and needy take delivery of these food packages. In exchange, Sikhcess™ volunteers receive countless hugs, smiles, and a heart-felt “thank you”, many times over.

The Result:

“I am so proud of u and the work that you are doing, feeding the hungry is the highest selfless service one can do, and not every body is that lucky. I will feel blessed if u can involve me in this service. God bless and may this project of touching lives goes on forever.”

–Panzy Gulati, Chicago

“I am excited and glad to be part of the Sikhcess campaign. Whether we help 3,000 or only 100 homeless or needy people…to see the look on their face and know that we did something to help them…will be worth all time and effort that we are putting in. Let’s keep this going and not make it only a one time thing.”

–Rajamar Singh, Chicago

“Nothing is more humbling than Feeding the Homeless, the true concept of Guru Ka Langar is being delivered to the people that matter.  This should be a monthly event where every city in the Western Hemisphere spreads the vision of Guru Nanak that no one goes hungry where there is langar.  I know from experiences from the Vancouver monthly events, that people of all communities take part and feel excited about being able to do sewa (service) with the Sikh community.  This event is educating the wider Community that we treat the human race as one, we are not out to convert but merely sharing God’s food with people of all faiths and backgrounds.  Sikhcess has provided a vehicle for all, please get the local Gurdwaras involved, the sangat is very generous, they will donate food and clothing, let the people know including the politicians that we are followers of Guru Nanak, providing a free kitchen to ALL people. It is inspiring that the recipients are the homeless. Good luck to all and God Bless, thank you Sikhcess!”

–Indy Panchi, Vancouver

“This is an excellent opportunity to flex the muscles of sikh principles. The basics of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Vandh Ke Shakko & Bhai Khanayya’s selfless deeds in giving water to sikhs and moghuls alike during war. Keep up the good work – Our support lies with you!”

–Gurpreet Bajaj, Kuala Lampur

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