Community Cleanup

Sikhcess Community Cleanups engage those people who use an area to care about the quality of their neighborhood.

Project Description

cc4The Community Cleanup program brings volunteers together to clean, revitalize, and improve public spaces that have been neglected or vandalized. The goal is simple: to get people to invest in their communities by creating clean and safe living spaces.

Leaders come together to create projects that are simple, quick, and impactful to organize– allowing local teams of all sizes to spend at least a few hours in the sunlight and work alongside each other. Team leaders choose public spaces that are high traffic and produce high value to the community, assembling large groups to provide a service in improving sceneries like beaches, lakes, roadside, and parks.

Each person participating becomes part of a campaign that uplifts the spirit, inspiring work not for ourselves – but for the world.


They don’t do it for the appreciation they receive from each passer-by, but quite simply – because they have become part of something greater – something that holds them accountable to take ownership for the world they wish to live in.

It’s one of the many campaigns that puts Being the Change into action.

The Result

More coming.

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