About Our Work


Sikhcess believes that each one of us needs to implement volunteerism and community service in our daily lives.

We are hoping to inspire more of our world’s people to volunteer in their communities, as well as to encourage those we serve to begin serving others.

We also believe that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

When merged together, this series of extraordinary achievements becomes a foundation for growth.  Sikhcess aims to be the mechanism to build and support that foundation.

We actively work to expand the impact of existing organizations and engaging new volunteers in an effort to create a sustained, collaborative, and focused effort to promote service as a way of life – towards a global movement of selfless-service.

Find out about each of our project offerings below:

> Feed the Homeless

> Sikhcess Stars

> Community Cleanup

> Packages of Love

> Gifts of Life

> Bundles of Warmth

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