Orphaned by the Earthquake in Haiti

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On January 12, an earthquake with the Richter magnitude of 7.0 struck near Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince, causing massive death and destruction. While the toll is only beginning to be understood, huge parts of the capital are in ruins and there are eyewitness accounts of “total disaster” and chaos.

An estimated 3 million people are struggling with the aftermath of the earthquake. Haitian government officials are estimating death tolls in the thousands, and thousands more are living in the streets.


At this stage of the emergency response, the greatest priority for Sikhcess is providing orphaned children with food, shelter, and other supplies. Hundreds of thousands of children are now orphans seeking support and love. They need our help.

Specifically, Sikhcess is working with a orphanage called Foyer de Sion, near downtown Port-au-Prince. Currently, the orphanage provides for over 220 children.

Prior to the earthquake, Foyer de Sion had been constructing a new facility to provide shelter, education, and love to more children; however, their work has now taken a feverish pace. They recognize that each one of these children deserves a chance at a better life.

Sikhcess is determined to raise over $10,000 of money to support the construction of the new facility. We hope to raise an additional $10,000 of money to provide food and basic requirements for the children of the orphanage.

100 percent of money raised will go directly to supporting the children.

Today, just by donating online, you can change a child’s life forever. Your contribution will ensure that these children will receive the nourishment, shelter, and basic-needs-items they so desperately need.

To find out more about our relief efforts, click here.

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