City Leadership

Sikhcess creates a generation of activists and leaders who believe in and act on the power of giving back.

Each City Team works with community leaders and resource groups to provide real solutions while building and launching meaningful public service projects.   Communities across the world have had revolutionary moments in thought and sparked a new level of understanding in our mission of service.  Leaders have been created and refined in the Sikhcess Network – they have the best mentoring and best hands-on experience doing work that couldn’t be more important: serving humanity.  Our leaders have been tested and tried – and have sparked dramatic change.

Not only do each of our City Executives organize community service projects, they manage their volunteer team, smooth over community leaders egos, talk grocery store owners into providing the deepest of discounts, bridge-build to bring groups of people together who you’d never imagine in the same room, teach young and old both the importance of our work, but they carry themselves and their family – ensuring that high-impact success is resounding in all elements.

Regardless to say, we can never find enough superstars to join our team.  If you think you’ve got what it takes and would like to work with some of the most dynamic and driven leaders in the world, read on.  If you have the hunger to see something through, and would like to give this a shot at impacting your community while learning from peers that have already created incredible amounts of social change this is where you need to click.

We’re excited to talk with you!

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