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Don’t Forget | Strike For Sikhcess Bowling Fundraiser This Saturday!

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Don’t forget, Sikhcess’s Chicago region is hosting a bowling fundraiser this Saturday, February 6! We appreciate everyone who has committed so far, but there’s definitely room for more! If you think any of your friends or family might be interested, please let them know and pass the word!

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Who Has the Time to Give Back?

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Sikhcess has a humble philosophy. This simplicity is our strength, our backbone: flexible, open and transparent. It’s all about giving back to the community, to those struggling to make it to tomorrow along with those that just need a blanket and food. We subscribe to “Seva“, an old Sanskrit word that means selfless service.

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VOTE NOW to win us $1 MILLION

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Vote For Sikhcess – RIGHT NOW – To Make This A Reality

Okay … so after weeks of working around the clock, brainstorming a ‘BIG Idea’ for the million-dollar Chase Community Giving grant, we’ve come up with a solution.  And a darn good one, at that.  Want to learn how to change the world?

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Join Sikhcess on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter for Chance At Winning Free T-Shirt!

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Over the past months we’ve been reading a ton of information about the benefits of interacting with people on various social media platforms.  Social media is perhaps the new “black-gold” where people can capture the attention of the world.

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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow | The Future Lies In The Hands of Children

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Standing in the crowded subway car, elbow to elbow, on my way to work, I grimaced for a better position.

I could only wonder if more subway cars is really the answer. Or maybe moving to a farm? Well, ultimately, there is no escape. The world is getting smaller and according to world trends, a lot faster than most would’ve guessed, especially in less developed nations. read more