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All About Fundraising | A Primer on Getting Started and Raising Funds

Chicago, Cities, City Leadership, Connect, Events, Fundraising, Recruit & Organize, Seva, Sikhcesson March 8th, 2010No Comments

A few weeks ago, Sikhcess hosted a fundraiser in a Chicago suburb at a bowling alley with about 120 participants. Based on feedback from the organizers, volunteers and participants, it was an overwhelming success!

It’s great to know we have the leaders to make it happen, but what about having a fundraiser of your own? What if you want to put together an event for a good cause, have fun doing it but aren’t sure where to start?

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Strike For Sikhcess A Success!

Chicago, Cities, City Leadership, Connect, Events, Fundraising, Seva, Sikhcesson February 15th, 20103 Comments

Last weekend, the Chicago region held their Strike For Sikhcess bowling fundraiser in Roselle, Illinois. About a week before the scheduled event, we had about 75 confirmed guests but with everyone’s help at Sikhcess to spread the word, we were able to reach a total of about 120 attendees! We want to thank all of you for that late push to make the event a big success! A big “Thank You!” for everyone that made it, especially to those that traveled from other states and long distances.

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Don’t Forget | Strike For Sikhcess Bowling Fundraiser This Saturday!

Chicago, Cities, City Leadership, Connect, Fundraising, Sikhcess, Uncategorizedon February 1st, 20102 Comments

Don’t forget, Sikhcess’s Chicago region is hosting a bowling fundraiser this Saturday, February 6! We appreciate everyone who has committed so far, but there’s definitely room for more! If you think any of your friends or family might be interested, please let them know and pass the word!

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Bay Area, California, FTH Campaign

Bay Area, City Leadership, Connect, Events, FTH, Recruit & Organize, Seva, Sikhcesson January 28th, 2010No Comments

Date : 1.29.10 / 1.30.10
Location : Bay Area, California
Time : 5 pm – 9 pm (Fri) / 8 am – 3 pm (Sat)

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Martin Luther King Jr | Thoughts on Diversity, Unity and Giving Back

Cities, City Leadership, Connect, Mainpage, Sacramento, Seva, Sikhcesson January 20th, 2010No Comments

There is a very real and tangible power in diversity, and never has this been more apparent to me then now, reflecting on this past Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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Detroit, Michigan, Operation Backpack

Cities, City Leadership, Detroit, Events, Operation Backpack, Recruit & Organize, School, Sikhcesson January 17th, 2010No Comments

Dates : 1.18.10 – 1.22.10
Location : Wayne State University Student Center, 1st Floor

Time : 9 am – 9 pm : mon / tues / wed / thurs / fri
Contact :, or call 313.333.4855 read more

Multiple “D’s” Team Up To Give Thanks

City Leadership, Detroit, FTH, Mainpage, Past Events, School, Sikhcess, Thanksgivingon December 21st, 20093 Comments

In harsh economic times, who would have thought that two “unlikely” organizations would team up to help feed the needy this Thanksgiving?

On Sunday, November 22nd, The Detroit Medical Center (DMC) and Detroit Public Schools (DPS) helped serve a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with special-care packages for guests at the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries’ (DRMM) Oasis shelter. Residents from Sinai-Grace Hospital and Adult Education Students put on their aprons, gloves, and hairnets and got down to cooking!

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Toronto, Ontario, Sikhcess Meetup!

City Leadership, Connect, Detroit, Events, Recruit & Organize, Upcoming Eventson December 18th, 2009No Comments

sikhcess_torontoT-dot, we’ve got something special planned for you tomorrow. Following the FTH Campaign, we’ll be having a mini-retreat talking about high-level points relating to Sikhcess. There will also be a very special training for Sikhcess Stars, which is set to kick off next month in Toronto.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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