Our History

Sikhcess[Original]Sikhcess started in 2001 when a group of like-minded people saw the disparaging effects that discrimination, racism, and hate brought into their communities.  They aimed to eradicate this through education and opportunity.

Sikhcess introduced a revolutionary idea to the Sikh community – a series of lectures and workshops designed to inspire the youth to achieve more, grow faster, and stronger than ever seen before.  To do this, ultra-successful Sikhs were aligned with youth who attended this conference, in efforts to create a mentor-protege relationship.

Speakers at the conference included:

-Mr. Reuben Singh (Chairman of RS Group, Guiness book “youngest millionaire”)

-Mrs. Nitty Kaur Singh (Top 25 most powerful women in tennis)

-Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria (Chairman of Agatal Inc., Shareholder of MirCorp

-Dr. I.J. Singh (Professor of Dental Anatomy at NYU, Author)

-Dr. Baldev Singh (Senior Vice President and Chief Architect at Aviva plc)

-Mr. Joginder Singh (VP Finance, Ford Motor Company)

Sikhcess refined its efforts in 2007, after seeing youth moving towards gangs, violence, and intolerance.  The organization’s founders began actionable efforts to create a global ‘family’, where children and young adults were provided positive role models, who,  along with mentorship, provided opportunities in community service and positive experiences across the world.  Since then, there has been resounding success with the organization’s work.

toronto-bannerLaunched in January 2007, the Sikhcess ‘Feed the Homeless’ campaign was seeded by a family who wanted to deliver Langar, or the “Free Community Kitchen” to the homeless population in Vancouver, Canada.  This desire to serve grew, and the family rapidly expanded to a group of 40 volunteers.  This group rallied behind the program and within only 9 months, more than 20,000 individual food packages had been delivered to the streets of the city.

Since then, Sikhcess has delivered more than 180,000 food packages throughout the world.

Our global volunteer base is estimated to be above 5,000 in number.  The enthusiasm of that base has created opportunities to deliver frequent and consistent service with a robust portfolio of program offerings.

Read about our programs here.

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